About Us
Automatic Turning & Machining, Inc., was founded in 1964 and has provided quality screw machine parts to users since then.

We make screw machine products under several descriptive names.  The screw machine products include small parts, screws, blots, nuts, pins, bushings, bearings, washers, electronic hardware, furniture hardware, precision turned parts, etc. The materials used in screw machine parts are usualy metals, like steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper and other metals.  Some are made of various plastics.  

Screw machine products are specially designed and carefully engineered components.  Screw machine products are integral to the function, safety and reliability of your finished product.  We know that screw machine products must be dependable, so, ...

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We begin by answering our phones.  Real people really take your calls.  We give you personal attention, first time, every time.  

We have subcontractors who can grind, heat treat and plate screw machine products as necessary.

Business hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday, except holidays.

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